Client Testimonials

27 September 2017

Hi Debbie,
The change in Nikolai has been completely unreal! We have been following your instructions and mealtimes are going much better and much less calm. We have been “allowed” to have suppers and lunches in peace and harmony without any bad behaviour.
Best wishes

26 September 2017

Hi Debbie,
Delighted to hear you are so busy. You have walked the path with complete commitment….your work is now being so widely recognized for the amazing gift it is. Well done to you. 
 Keep shining! x x 
T Bownes

28 September 2017

Reiki has been truly life changing and enhancing for both of us and we are looking so much forward to another amazing weekend with Debbie and completing the level 3 course with her! :)

17 September 2017

Introduction to Animal Communication Course 
I reall loved it!  Such wonderful energy in the room and by you.  It installed confidence in me, very calm and peaceful teaching. 

 17 Sept  2017

Introduction to Animal Communication Course
Above expectation 150%.
Excellent - well presented!
Linda & Derick

17 September 2017

Introduction to Animal Commubication Course - very informative and enlightening - I'm now equiped with the tools Debbie has taught me to succesfully communicate with animals.  I am grateful for al this course has taught me - to be able to bridge the gap holds endless possibilties.

3 September 2017

Reiki Level 2
It was so wonderful to be back, I truely wish it never had to end and that I could spend every weekend like this learning from you.  I strive to one day do the kind of work you do.

03 September 2017

Reiki Level 2 course
Wonderful experience - well organised, a full day, constructive.  Great energy from Debbie and the space.  Will be back for more.  Life altering.

10 July 2016

For Debbie my Reiki Master
The best teacher that i could ask for
You helped me to bring my purpose to the surface
And bestowed on me a great gift
From which I know I shall never drift

I thank you with my heart and soul
For supporting me to reach my goal
Of aiding those who are in need
Which gives me the greates joy indeed

My life shall never be the same
And Reiki Healing is to blame!

Love and Light 
Sue Landsberg


April 2017

Dear Debbie,

Thank you so much for your kindness,compassion, time and love (and Light!) over this difficult time.....I often say you've changed my life - and you continue to do so.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

April 2017

Dear Debbie,
Thank you for all the beautiful love, care and support you give to my fury ones and us.  Thank you for being an Angel in our lives xxx

11 March 2017

I thought the Introduction to Animal Communication course was wonderful and an amazing experience.  Debbie has a lot of wisdom, knowledge and experience to share and it was a priviledge to be a part of such an amazing journey of discovery.

11 March 2017

The Introduction to Animal Communication course was enlightening,reassuring and comforting. I find myself desperate for more knowledge about communicating with animals.

11 March 2017

The Introduction to Animal Communication confirmed my faith in communication with animals, living and not!  I would like to go deeper, or become more advanced and open to a deeper connection.
I understand this is practise and just do it! :)

11 March 2017

The Introduction to Animal Communication Course was enjoyable.  I like the fact that we were such a smalll group.  I enjoyed Debbie's gentle energy.  I felt completely at ease to share.

 March 2017

Dear Debbie,
On behalf of the Spiritual Church - thank you for sharing your knowledge and love.
Blessings, Love & Light.   
The Spiritual Church

21 August 2016

Hi Debbie,
THANK YOU so much for coming to my house and doing the consultation with Spirit and I.  I cannot tell you how much better and more positive I feel about the whole situation.  Thank you for the e-mail with the necessary healing information attached.  I will start working on all that today.  Once again, a big thank you.
You are a very special soul.
Kind regards,

24 July 2016


Dear Debbie,
Thank you so much for the reading of our much loved George who recently passed.  As always your readings are so accurate and really touch the core of one’s feelings, bringing back such treasured memories - and tears!  I miss him so much.  Debbie, thanks again.
Take care and keep on doing the wonderful work you do.
Light and love,
Judy and George’s family

11 July 2016

Hi Debbie
It is with great joy that I'm writing to you.  Our Charcoal is back!!!!!!  He is back to normal and it is such a huge relief and pleasure tolook at him everyday and see him around.
He hasn't given any terrified miaauws and neither has he been on the roof.  He is playing with Chilli (his sister) again and up to all kinds of mischief.  He is around the house most of the time and when he does go to the veld he comes back in the afternoons when we are outside.  He looks relaxed and happy and comes for lots of cuddles.  During the mornings he sits on Francois laptop and sleep there for long periods.  He also sleeps inside now every night and only gets up late in the mornings.
I can't describe to you how much we appreciate the work that you did on Charcoal.  I don't know how or what exactly you do, but it worked!  I'm very great full that our paths have crossed.
Blessed regards
Tina & Francois
Charcoal, Chilli, Vonkie, Fiasco en Stomie

10 July 2016

Hi Debbie
Thanks so much again for yesterday's introduction to Reiki.  Absolutely love the way you teach and mentor.
Lots of love

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